Why you should schedule your boudoir session now...

Have you ever considered booking a boudoir photoshoot for yourself? Are you even now trying to come up with a reason why you shouldn't schedule a session? I'm sure you have come up with at least a dozen reasons why you shouldn't book...

"There is no way *I* could do something like that."

"I look terrible in photos. I would be so awkward and stiff."

"I need to exercise and lose some weight before I would ever do something like that!"

However I am here to tell you, those excuses are holding you back from doing something for YOU. Seriously, when was the last you spent time doing something for yourself?

Below are a few of the top reasons you need to book your boudoir session NOW. 

1) I am here to help you embrace your body. I know as women, we are so tough on our appearance and our bodies. We are our biggest critics. You deserve this and its my job to help you see how beautiful you are! 

2) A boudoir session is a MAJOR boost of self confidence. Its an amazing opportunity to have photos captured of you in a way you have never seen yourself. Trust me, this is very different from taking a selfie with your phone at home in your room.

3) Boudoir sessions are NOT awkward or uncomfortable. I know, I know you are sitting there thinking, "I would never look like these girls she has posted." Umm.YES.YOU.CAN. While the boudoir photos look ultra sexy and seductive, that's my job to make you love your own photos the way you look at other women in these photos.

BONUS - A boudoir session is the perfect gift for YOU, or that special someone. But really who needs any other reason than to get glammed up, pampered with a confidence boost while having a few laughs to book a session!